Feeling that creative itch?     Do classes cramp your artistic style?  

                                                  Just need a place as your creative outlet?

Reserve a block of studio time and give yourself some quality time alone!

Don't worry about the mess- we'll take care of it!

An educator will always be available while you are in the studio to lend a hand if needed.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your medium; Oil, acrylic, watercolor, clay sculpture, drawing, jewelry.  Please call for custom packages.

  2. Find a time that corresponds to your schedule.  1 hour of studio time is included in all packages; additional time can be purchased in 30 minute increments (subject to availability).    
    *Please note that some of the equipment at Art Imagined requires experience to operate.  To utilize this equipment you must have taken an introductory course.*

  3. Complete our online registration or call to save your spot.

  4. A signed Safety Agreement is required for all first time studio customers.  This will be provided upon arrival.

  5. Mark your calendar and we will see you soon!

Walk-ins are welcome, but are subject to educator availability.

*Note: Studio time is not a class.  Educators will be available to answer questions and provide supplies, but may not be available to provide full instruction