Art classes are for EVERYONE

Private Class Ages: 8 yrs to Adult

Art is Therapy, it soothes the soul and helps get out emotion in a creative and productive way. 

Here at Art Imagined we offer 1 on 1 classes with an instructor who provides guidance and teaches techniques unique to whichever medium is being used. 

And Guess what? ....

**All supplies are provided by the Studio**

Current Class offerings:

Now offering:

                  The YouTube Craze!

     Acrylic Pour!   Check out an example

Oil Painting  (4 weeks, 1 hour sessions)

          Beginner to Advanced 

Acrylic Painting (4 weeks, 1 hour sessions)

          Beginner to Advanced

Watercolor (1 Class 2 hours)

           Beginner to Advanced

Sculpture (2 weeks, 2 hour sessions)


Basic Jewelry (1 class 2 hours)


Drawing (1 class, 1 hour sessions)

Prices can vary.

Check out our Calendar and if there is an open time slot Book online or give us a Call!