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Do you have an Artist at home itching to create during those long summer days?  Do you find things glued together, painted and rearranged?  ART summer camp is just what your creative one needs!

Call or Text to reserve your spot today!  724-316-1547


Monday thru Friday

-10:00am - 1:00 pm

-All materials included

-Artists will be able to bring a packed lunch to camp.

-Early and Late drop off is possible upon request.

-12 total spots per camp

-First come first serve

Art SummerCamp

Exploring   Color        

Dates: June 24th-28th

Ages 10-13 years old

Price: $225

Here at Art Imagined we love to make a mess!  This week we will explore the world of color, taking a deep dive into how to mix colors, creating our own color wheels, painting in different mediums and discovering the amazing projects we can create using many forms of color. 

Finishing touches

Sculpt,   build   and   create!

Dates: July 8th - 12th    

Ages: 5-8 years old

Price: $225

Let's get building!  In this week long camp we will be exploring the world of 3-D ART, this means lots of hands on creation.  A few materials we will be using include; Clay, cardboard, wood and paper.  This is a great camp if you have a little artist who is always looking for new materials to build and create with.  

Call or Text to reserve your spot today!  724-316-1547


Finding your   Art   ZEN
Dates: July  15th-19th
Ages: 8-10
Price: $225

Garage Studio parties are a hit!

Let's take a week and find our center.  In this week long camp artists will explore the calming world of Art Zen.  We will create our own Zentangles, make our own slime,  paint while listening to calming music and much more.  

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