Summer 2021 is in the near future and we are offering fun and exciting opportunities for your Little and Big ARTISTS to get outside, into the studio and CREATE!!!

Street Art

Street Art

JUNE 14th-18th

10:00am-12:00pm Daily

Ages 12+

Materials included


You Tube, especially during COVID,  has introduced our youth to videos and projects to do at home... ART was explored in SO many new ways, and this camp will bring these to life! 

Without making your home a messy disaster.

Learn Hydro dipping, Spray Painting Techniques, specialized texts for 'tagging' along with the opportunity (Weather permitting) large Outdoor painting throughout this week!

Heading 1

Form, Shape and Sculpt!

Little ones love being able to explore new materials.  We provide a space where mess and creativity are encouraged.  Artists will explore many different types of clay, including making their own home-made clay, along with how to bring their imagination to life!

June 21st-25th

10:00 am-12:00pm

Ages: 5-8

Materials included



June 28th-July 2nd


Ages 8+

Materials Included


During this camp week Artists will explore multiple different types of paint and how to use them.  These different types include; Watercolor, Acrylic and Gauche.  Each paint type will be explored at their basic level so artists can become familiar with each one individually.  It's important when learning new art techniques to take your time and EXPLORE!