Do you have an Artist at home itching to create during those long summer days?  Do you find things glued together, painted and rearranged?  ART summer camp is just what your creative one needs!

Call or Text to reserve your spot today!  724-316-1547

Art Camp

Monday thru Friday

-10:00am - 1:00 pm

-All materials included

-Artists will be able to bring a packed lunch to camp.

-Early and Late drop off is possible upon request.

-12 total spots per camp

-First come first serve

Dates: June 6th-10th   

'Paint, Draw and Sculpt'              

Ages 6-9

$225 per/artist

When Artists are little, they want to explore every type of ART they can get their hands on.   Which coincidentally is also something Ms. Heather loves doing as well.  In this camp we will explore all different types of basic ART supplies and what we can create with them!  Artists will also make their OWN clay during the week. 

Dates: June 13th-17th      

'Sculpture and 3D ART'              

Ages:  8-11

$300 per/artist

One of Miss.  Heather's favorite camps!   Building challenges, Cardboard, glue, drawing, paint, papier Mache, constructing, glitter, mess and IMAGINATION.  I think that pretty much sums it up, Oh and probably Spray paint. 

Dates: June 27th- July 1st    

'ART around the world'     

Ages 8-11   

$225 per/artist

Come with Miss. Heather on a tour of the world, through the eyes of artists.  From the Totem Poles in Canada, clay pots in the United States and weavings in South America Artists will learn about and create ART native to each of the countries we discuss, this also means we will explore many different ART mediums.  The projects are not limited to what's listed above, we will make many projects throughout the week!

Call or Text to reserve your spot today!  724-316-1547