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Do you have an Artist at home itching to create during those long summer days?  Do you find things glued together, painted and rearranged?  ART summer camp is just what your creative one needs!

Call or Text to reserve your spot today!  724-316-1547


Monday thru Friday

-10:00am - 1:00 pm

-All materials included

-Artists will be able to bring a packed lunch to camp.

-Early and Late drop off is possible upon request.

-12 total spots per camp

-First come first serve

Art SummerCamp

Everything Messy and Everything Fun      

Dates: July 17th-21st

Ages 6-9 years old

Price: $225

Come everyday dressed for mess because in this summer Art

camp we are going to explore things that get our hands dirty!

Clay building, finger painting, slime making and Tie Dyeing to

name a few of the projects lined up for this week of ART CAMP.

Opening your ART and finding your ZEN

Dates: July 10th - 14th    

Ages: 9-13 years old

Price: $225

I am a firm believer that nothing can be considered wrong in ART class...

during this week in ART camp we will take the opportunity to explore the

relaxing side of creativity.  What are some examples of Zen in ART?

Projects we will explore; creating our own Zen Tangle drawing, acrylic

pouring and painting along with music.  Your artist will leave each day

feeling a little lighter!

Finishing touches

Call or Text to reserve your spot today!  724-316-1547

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