Toddler Classes:  (Ages 2-4)  We recommend Mommy and Me,   Along with our Story time and Create.  Check our Calendar for dates and times! 

Young Artists: (Ages 5-8)  Depending on your little artists ability we can help adapt any project to their needs.  We offer a Wide range of mediums.


Little Picasso: (Ages 9-12)  Finding and Capturing the imagination at this age is critical.  We love to push our students to their creative peak and then see how much further they can go.

Artists in the Making: (13+)  Pushing Boundaries and finding new ways to use materials is great for this age. 


Adult Classes (18+)   Never stop learning!  We offer private group time, Private 1 on 1 classes and schedules classes.  Check the Calendar for availability!




Hello! Thank you for visiting our site.  I am Heather Rusiski, the owner here at Art Imagined I thought I would tell you a little about myself and this adventure i'm on.  This Studio and school has been a dream of mine for 10+ years and I always said, when the kids are both in school it's MOM'S TIME!  So here I am, ready to offer my knowledge of Art, Art history and Creativity to all of you.  You're Welcome.  I have a degree in Art Education with a studio Minor, my passions lie in two places, my Family and teaching.  In life you can't just sit back you have to experience it, take risks and live without regrets, that's what I feel ART is all about and that's also what drives me every single day.  So thank you again for taking a minute to explore the site, I am always available through e-mail or by phone and I hope to be seeing you soon!  #EntrepreneurLife

E-mail:      Studio Line: 724-934-2600

Meet Ms. Jen

Studio Assistant and Educator

Hello friends! I'm Jen Nicol, the studio assistant/co-teacher here at Art Imagined, and I'm so excited to be a part of Heather's adventure of opening her own art studio! I have dabbled in various art techniques over the years, but have never really had the change to explore them as an adult - until now! I'm looking forward to using my knowledge of Art History and my experience as a children's librarian to design fun and educational (not to mention messy!) classes and projects. I look forward to seeing you at the studio!